Walmart Changing Its Substitution Policy

Walmart's website for conducting business online will soon undergo some cosmetic changes. Within the next several weeks, consumers who opt for Walmart pickup or delivery will be charged

the full list price for any modifications made to their orders, as stated in a recent memo seen by Insider.

Previously, customers would only be charged the price of the original item they requested, rather than the price of the substitution they received (which could be more expensive).

The new approach may cause consumers to pay more for food that is substituted. Customers will now have "additional controls" over their orders, such as the option to choose and save

their own substitute preferences, accept or reject the substitution possibilities offered to them, or choose to forego substitutions entirely.

A Walmart representative told Insider, "There will be a bit of a transition time." But generally speaking, this is rather usual, and we don't expect any problems with clients paying for products

they receive from us. In addition to Whole Foods, online grocery store service Instacart also uses a similar substitute policy. Walmart is trying to increase its share of the grocery industry

without alienating its value-based clients, which is why it has adopted this new strategy. Major changes are coming to Walmart's delivery service, & not just the introduction of fees for item swaps.

Four years into their cooperation, DoorDash and Walmart have decided to call it quits since the relationship is no longer "mutually advantageous."

This news broke three weeks ago. In an effort to centralise driver support, Walmart recently announced that it would acquire Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI).

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