Wendy's Is Linked To A New E. Coli Outbreak

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A new E. coli epidemic in the Midwest has sickened 37 individuals. Common trait? Recent Wendy's meal.

CDC is examining the business as the likely cause of food poisoning incidents in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Most patients reported eating Wendy's sandwiches with Romaine lettuce in the week before symptoms began.

Investigators are trying to determine if romaine lettuce is the cause of the illness and if it was served or sold elsewhere. Wendy's is cooperating completely.

The business hasn't been definitively linked to the E. coli incident, but it's taking lettuce from menus in the four affected states.

Salads stay on the menu because the firm uses a different sort of lettuce.

While the CDC hasn't established a single dish as the outbreak's cause, we're banning sandwich lettuce from eateries in that region.

Salad lettuce is unaffected by this action. We are devoted to food safety and quality.

The CDC said Friday that consumers don't need to avoid Wendy's or Romaine lettuce, and there's no indication that lettuce from grocery stores or other restaurants is involved.

Ten hospitalised patients range in age from 6 to 91. Three Michigan individuals have renal failure. No reported fatalities.


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