Wendy's Takes Key Item Off Its Menu

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Midwest Wendy's has banned romaine lettuce from sandwiches and burgers. The eatery is linked to several E. coli illnesses in the area.

The media statement issued on Wendy's website on Aug. 19 claimed the restaurant business is fully working with the CDC while it investigates the E. coli incident.

Wendy's discarded romaine lettuce in these states as a precaution. Wendy's salad lettuce is unaffected by the epidemic, the company stated.

Where available, Wendy's replaced romaine lettuce. Wendy's hasn't shuttered any restaurants or ceased serving customers despite the epidemic.

Wendy's has not commented on changing its food preparation and safety methods to prevent future contamination incidents. 

The CDC released an investigation report on Aug. 19 naming Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and potentially Indiana as impacted states.

The figures are susceptible to change as it takes a few weeks to ascertain if a sickness is linked to an epidemic. July 31 and Aug. 1 were peak dates with six cases.

E. coli symptoms occur 1-10 days after consuming infected food. Symptoms include dry mouth, dry throat, and fainting when standing.

Other symptoms include cramps, vomiting so much that drinks can't be held down, bloody or nonbloody diarrhoea lasting more than three days, and a temperature over 102 degrees.

While most occurrences are minor and individuals recover, youngsters and the elderly are more prone to a major illness.

Serious E. coli infections can cause additional diseases including death. With rest and water, most individuals recover from E. coli within a week.

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