Will Smith Divorcing Jada Pinkett Smith

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Following Jada Pinkett Smith's remarks, the relationship of married actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has come under scrutiny in recent years.

Her husband's infamous slap in her defence at the Oscars last month was about a romantic "entanglement" with another man.

While there have been rumours that the famous couple is getting divorced on several occasions, neither of them has confirmed that their marriage will end.

Despite this, Will Smith and his wife have discussed the possibility of divorce on several occasions over the years.

Jada Pinkett Smith married Will Smith in December 1997, when she was two months pregnant with their first child, Jaden Smith.

His attitude toward marriage and divorce appears to have been shaped by that experience.

"Divorce is not a viable option. 'Til death do us part,' I stood up in front of God with Jada and said "he stated.

"As a result, two outcomes are possible. One, we'll be together until death, or two, I'll die "He keeps going.

This self-described commitment to making their marriage work hasn't stopped the two from having extramarital affairs, according to reports.

Jada Pinkett Smith has previously spoken out about her long-term relationship with August Alsina, most recently in July 2020 during another infamous Red Table Talk episode.

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