Will Smith Has One Thing Coming To Netflix

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Will Smith's career has suffered since his iconic smack to Chris Rock on the Oscar podium.

In addition to the event, additional projects have apparently been placed on hold as a result of the incident.

Smith had two Netflix projects in the works that never materialized, but he will be a guest on David Letterman's show soon.

One of the guests on the new season of David Letterman's interview show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, is Will Smith, according to THR.

The interview was taped before this year's Oscars, so if you wanted to hear Smith talk about his experience, you'll have to wait.

This may be the last place to watch Will Smith on Netflix. The actor had two movie projects in progress with the streamer, but they have stalled.

Netflix has purportedly deprioritized one film, Fast & Loose. The decision to postpone the film looks to be tied to the slap.

The movie may still be made, but its future remains uncertain.

Bright 2, a Netflix film, has a much clearer fate. Film is dead. Netflix has apparently abandoned the film and will not proceed with it.

Apparently, the decision to cancel Bright 2 was made before the smack.

Although the original Bright was Netflix's biggest hit when it came out, the movie was plainly suffering previous to today.

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