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WNBA Brittney Griner jailed in Russia

Ms Griner is one of a few female basketball players to have won a collegiate championship, WNBA, EuroLeague, and Olympic gold medal.

Since 2015, she has played for a Russian team during the WNBA off-season.

The absence of one player is drawing attention when the Women's National Basketball Association season returns.

Brittney Griner, a Phoenix Mercury player, has been jailed in Russia for several months.

The White House and people close to Ms Griner have yet to confirm her situation.

The US State Department warns that disclosing material publicly may jeopardise efforts to repatriate US nationals held abroad.

Wendi Griner is a WNBA player from Phoenix, Arizona.

The basketballer has been held since February. Her suitcase allegedly included cannabis oil, according to Russian airport customs. Sentencing is set for June.

A Moscow court extended Ms Griner's custody until May 19th in March.

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