Worst Eating Habit Emma Thompson Swears By

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Emma Thompson is irresistible. The iconic British actor has acted in many films throughout the years and is now an environmental campaigner. 

Sophia Hyde tells People magazine about Thompson's naked moment. "Emma isn't immune to the body-shaming culture we all live in. 

Emma had to trust and delve into this moment as Nancy [Thompson's character], having seen what her body is capable of. She did."

Thompson tells People, "I think the more we can accept our bodies — and not love them — the more we can experience in them."

Thompson's extreme body acceptance isn't easy. What has the celebrity done to be comfortable in her 60s in a world that views ageing negatively?

Emma Thompson talks faith, upbringing, and diets in a 2018 Guardian interview. She explains how dieting affected her and why she determined to stop.

The actress was open about a diet she followed to decrease two dress sizes last year.

Thompson describes the Louise Parker Method in a 2017 Huffington Post piece.

"She's not holy, but she gets my hesitant rear in gear and keeps it there," remarked Thompson.

Thompson seems to be embracing a more balanced, healthful style of eating and drinking that still allows her to enjoy her favourite meals and wine.

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